My Tooth Fairy Pillowcase- organic cotton

Product Description

 My super Tooth Fairy Pillowcase is a unique, super cool and beautiful gift for that magical time of losing teeth in early childhood.

The Tooth fairy is a fantasy figure filled with mystery and surprise. The pillowcase designed in inspiration of the child’s actual superhero mixed with the traditional tooth fairy figure. This combination brought in to the world the Super Tooth fairy!

The tradition is when the child losses his/her small tooth and places it underneath their pillow, the tooth fairy will visit while they’re sleep and replace the lost tooth with a small gift or payment. Believing in the Tooth Fairy is a wonderful way to help your child embrace them changes that come with growing up, rather than fear them while allowing your child's imagination to develop. Don't be pressured into having them grow up too early. This gift is an amazing way to let the child believe in magic, to see the eyes sparkle and to enjoy seeing their sweet smile on their faces.

The pillow case includes : Wish list Pocket - for the child’s wish list, gift and small notes for the Super Tooth Fairy and lastly the actual gift.

Small Pocket- “Magic Is Happening” is the place to leave the little tooth.

Available in 3 prints: super tooth fairy boy, super tooth fairy girl, classic tooth fairy. Fits standard size of pillow (20*30 in – 50* 70 cm)

Fabric - made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS)

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