Design Love for Little Ones

 At Gootoosh, our vision is to create stylish, classic designs and practical, high quality products for parents, babies, and toddlers. We design and manufacture high-end innovative textile products, and everything we do is made with 100% love and 100% organic jersey cotton, to create a comfortable and happy world for both children and parents.


 All Gootoosh products are chemical-free, and made  from organic and Eco-friendly materials. The jersey cotton fabrics are certified by GOTS and Eco standard – confidence in textile – international standard.

we manufacture our products in Europe under high standards.


Why choose organic textile for your little ones?


  • We always want the best for our little ones, that’s why we choose the organic way.
  • Organic cotton is safe for the skin and chemical free.
  • Organic cotton is better for sensitive skin and allergies, its healthier and super soft.
  • Baby’s skin is more porous, thinner and less oily, which absorbs harmful chemicals and toxins very easily
  • Safe for the environment and protect our earth.
  • Better for the farmer and the industry.



About the founder 

My name is Sagit, After long years of working hard at my career and raising two little girls of my own, I decided that it was time to go out and create the company I love. As a young girl growing up- Gootoosh was my childhood nickname. So it was only natural to bring that full circle today, and make it a brand and business of my own.

My two passions are babies and design, with Gootoosh I can bring those passions to others as well. My greatest joy comes from knowing that others will enjoy the innovative, safe, and high quality products that we design – and that both you and your children will grow and evolve with us on this wonderful journey together.